We create efficient microclimates where we can live, work and produce in a healthy way with the littlest environmental impact possible.


BioAire is a company located in Querétaro (México) that was created in 2010. At BioAire we are 100% specialized in creating efficient microclimates, that is, in creating all types of environments whether domestic, industrial or work with the aim of these being 100% comfortable and that they involve the least possible impact on the environment.

During the warm summer months at BioAire we create fresh microclimates thanks to evaporative cooling technology. In BioAire we offer our customers all our experience and knowledge in climate control to create spaces where they can live, work or produce with the best possible comfort and carrying out these actions while having a minimal impact on the environment.

Our commitment to quality and our dedication to customer service has enabled us to position ourselves as one of the only companies able to serve our customers throughout the lifecycle of the project, since we are present during consulting and we carry out a fully customized project, perform the installation and commissioning of the project, carry out the maintenance and repair of equipment, and even provide spare parts to third-party companies or individuals.

Evaporative climate control company - Efficient microclimates