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Mantenimiento evaporativo

Proyectos en gimnasios y centros deportivos

Clean and healthy environment for practicing sports.

Gyms and sports centers.

At Bioaire we know the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment to practice sports in gyms and sports centers. This concern increases significantly in gyms and sports centers, where the quality of the environment is undoubtedly a fundamental aspect. Breezair evaporative air conditioners allow you to cool any environment in a healthy way and are perfect for practicing sports. During the winter, Space-Ray radiant tube radiators help to heat colder areas efficiently.

Gyms and sports centers Ejemplo de climatizador evaporativo de bajo consumo para gimnasios y centros deportivos como por ejemplo centros de padel

Aire acondicionado saludable

Clean and healthy environment: Eliminates internal air recirculation, recycling the environment with outside air and creating a more pleasant atmosphere.


Icono-30-Particulas-En-SuspensionEliminates odors: BioAire evaporative air conditioners create overpressure in the environment, which expels odors and suspended particles

Icono-30-corriente-de-aire-climatizacionConstant air renewal: BioAire evaporative air conditioners are ideal for gyms and sports centers because they generate a constant air current that renews the environment.

Icono-30-Climatizador-adiabatico-humeda-adecuadaLower maintenance cost: BioAire evaporative air conditioners have a lower maintenance cost since it will only be necessary to clean the filters with pressurized water from time to time. This represents a maintenance saving of 80% compared to other systems.

Climatizacidor evaporativa proceso naturalNatural principle: The BioAire system cools the air through a 100% natural water evaporation process inspired by the sea breeze.

Aire acondicionado industrial humedadOptimum level of humidity in the air: Thanks to the water evaporation process, an optimal level of relative humidity is maintained in the environment. BioAire evaporative air conditioners are especially indicated for the perfect functioning of the human respiratory system (temperature 26ºC and relative humidity of 55%)

Icono-30-Climatizador-evaporativo-PLC-granjaLower energy consumption: Reduces energy consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional refrigeration systems.

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Ejemplo de calefacción de bajo consumo mediante tubo radiante para centros deportivos gimnasios y centros de padel

Calefacción industrial de acción inmediataDoes not dry out the environment: Unlike other forced air heating systems, Space-Ray efficient gas radiant tube heating does not dry out the environment and is therefore ideal for practicing sports.

Calefacción industrial de convustión internaInternal combustion and healthy atmosphere: Space-Ray gas radiant tube heaters help keep the environment clean and healthy, as they collect the air necessary for combustion and expel it back to the outside, so that the atmosphere of the sports center It is completely isolated from the combustion process.

Climatizar-por-zonasAir conditioning by zones: Allows air conditioning by zones, making it much more effective to reach comfort temperatures in very large rooms with air currents. Space-Ray efficient gas radiant tube heating is ideal for heating stands or specific areas of sports halls.

Calefacción industrial de bajo consumo que calienta inmediatamenteFeeling of comfort: It directly heats the objects and not the air, this offers a feeling of comfort very close to that produced by the sun’s rays

Icono-30-Corriente-de-aireOpen doors and windows: Efficient Space-Ray radiant tube heating allows doors and windows to be opened without suffering a loss of comfort in the heated areas, thus promoting constant air renewal during the winter.

Icono-30-Mantenimiento-Calefaccion-talleres-automocionSimple and quick maintenance: It is only necessary to use a jet of pressurized water from time to time.

Icono-30-calefaccion-instantanea-en-granjasHeats immediately: The efficient Space-Ray gas radiant tube heating system offers an instant feeling of comfort as it directly heats the surface of objects. It is not necessary to turn on the heating first to heat the entire room.

Icono-30-Calefaccion-en-granjas-programadaLower energy consumption: Reduces energy consumption by up to 60% compared to traditional forced air heating systems.

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